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Year of Foundation1978
Enrollment Phase / GradesPreschool, Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form
BoardingDay School
Number of students700
Teacher Student RatioNA
AccreditationsBSME, CIS, COBIS, ECIS, IBO
HeadmasterRaymond Williams
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While undoubtedly Cairo possesses many fine International Schools, NCBIS in New Cairo, is unique in its ethos and internationalism. As a ñnot for profit organisationî, 100% of the fees are reinvested into the school allowing a continual upgrade of facilities and equipment, keeping us at the cutting edge of IB World Schools in the Middle East and beyond. Currently, 63 nationalities are represented at NCBIS, and by our NGO status, we must maintain at least 60% expatriate student body, which provides that immediate international identity. It can be felt as soon as you enter the campus with a multilingual ñwelcomeî followed by a parade of the flags of many of our most representative nationalities. Once inside the school, that all-important international-mindedness becomes even more apparent as you canÍt but help notice students mixing together, conversing contentedly in the playground language of English and integrating into the ñone familyî that we are so keen to maintain. International-mindedness is one of the key attributes of both the Student and Teacher ñLearner Profileî and at NCBIS it is key component of everything we aim for, as in the famous words of Jacques Delors: “We learn to learn, we learn to do, we leanr to be” Our school is incredibly welcoming and it is the first thing that new students comment on. We work hard to keep it that way too, providing each new student with a buddy and monitoring their integration closely. We also encourage Parents to join our wonderful ParentsÍ Group to work closely with the school on joint initiatives, as well as to socialise both within and outside school. The group organises regular coffee mornings, lectures, social activities and dances and is instrumental in co-ordinating traditional and much acclaimed events like Halloween and International Day. Together with the ParentsÍ group we also organise charity fund-raising days for our CAS groups and an annual Family Day which is the highlight of the yearÍs calendar. We also organise tours for new parents as Cairo is a vast city and it is easy to feel isolated or even frightened when exploring further afield. School buses take new parents around the major shopping locations and services of the immediate area, as well as providing tours of the older residential areas of Maadi and spectacular Zamalek beside the river Nile with its imposing architecture, old palaces often converted into Embassies today, spectacular hotels like the Marriott, opened for the original inauguration of the Suez canal, and quaint riverside restaurants and tea rooms. Cairo is a fascinating city and it is well worth exploring, so we are delighted to be able to set you on the exploration route! New Cairo British International School, as its name implies, aims to provide our students with the very best of British and International education, whilst celebrating the magnificent history and culture of our host nation. Egypt has so much to offer us educationally and socially and we take every opportunity to incorporate the local environment into our curricular planning, where relevant. (Please see sections on curriculum and experiential learning). While our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and IB Diploma courses as well as diversity of our student body might explain our ñinternationalî background, what provides the background and evidence for our British ethos? The majority of our staff are British, or have trained in Britain or similar educational backgrounds (please see the staff list and their experience) Staff joining NCBIS have at least 3 yearsÍ teaching experience of British system education and so transfer the skills and experience they have gained from other, similar schools We are regularly inspected by the Independent SchoolsÍ Inspectorate of the United Kingdom and benchmarked against other British schools and must follow all British educational guidelines as well as health and safety practices Our curriculum is the English National Curriculum throughout Primary school and up to (i)GCSE while accelerated students might even take AS and A level language exams in Key Stage 4 Our pastoral emphasis is based on Key stages with Tutors and Co-Tutors for every class (class size average 15), line managed by Heads of Key stage and our Head of Student Services. There is a strong emphasis on family values, politeness and common sense manners and respect to all members of the community. NCBIS places all students in ñhousesî (Earth, Fire, Air and Water) to develop a sense of identity, friendly competition and house pride, where every student can contribute to the overall house score by daily merit points or being part of a winning house team. House competitions vary from sporting to creative, spelling bees to drama and annual events like the ñHumanitiesÍ Quizî and ñBattle for Broadwayî in Secondary School NCBIS encourages leadership potential through traditional channels like Student council and Sports / House captains, but also through the International Award, IB Diploma CAS opportunities, expeditions and our Business / entrepreneurial club. We recognize that there are very different styles of leadership and give opportunities for students to find their preferred style on overnight camps, an experiential learning week, helping staff to coach sports and on ñSuper Learning Daysî. The pinnacle of student leadership would be the much coveted positions of Head Boy and Head Girl, after a rigorous selection process including speechmaking, interviews and voting. A traditional and annual Sports day (linked to houses) is also an essential part of our curriculum encouraging students to plan and perform as a team rather than as an individual, and take part in events that might be outside their normal comfort zone. Winning is important but so is learning to come second with grace and to reflect on what could be done better on future occasions Without doubt, the formal weekly assemblies of Primary and Secondary schools with invited parents, mirror the British model in a very special way and help promote a ñwhole school family feelingî Finally, walking the NCBIS corridors during lesson time would be the ultimate test of our ethos, with quiet and focused student learning the central feature of every classroom (rather than traditional dissemination of information); corridors adorned with imposing student artwork and informative poster boards, and a sensation of determined endeavor and success. Alumni also make up our extended family Finally, we wouldnÍt be a family if we didnÍt keep in touch with our alumni, sharing and celebrating their successes at university and beyond, inviting them back to tour their second home, sharing anecdotes and inspirational messages with our student body and of course, marveling at our constant change and upgrading. We meet them in school, at universities and will even seek them out overseas! Well they are our extended family and NCBIS is so much more than a ñschoolî! How do we keep in touch? These days itÍs so easy electronically so please check out our newsletters, facebook page and other areas of our webpage that we hope you find informative.




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